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Château Cheval Blanc

One of the most acclaimed in the world, the mythical Château Cheval Blanc is at theforefront. The vines at Cheval Blanc have been grown for centuries and the vineyard of Saint-Emilion has produced wines of outstanding quality year after year, decade after decade.

Since late antiquity, they are Archives show that vines have been grown at Cheval Blanc at least as far back as the 15th century. The most prestigious part of Cheval Blanc's history can be said to date from 1832, when Jean-Jacques Ducasse, President of the Libourne Trade Tribunal, purchased the core of the present-day estate. Aware of Cheval Blanc's outstanding potential, and helped by an extraordinary intuition, Jean Laussac-Fourcaud replanted part of the estate in the 1860s with a totally atypical proportion of grape varieties: half Merlot (the king of the Right Bank) and half Cabernet Franc. This replanting was finished in 1871. Formerly known as vin de Figeac, the wine was first sold under the name Cheval Blanc in 1852. This was the beginning of a prestigious career.

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