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Château Palmer

Château Palmer and its Alter Ego are the two wines produced by the estate. Alter Ego made its debut with the 1998 vintage. The birth of Alter Ego coincided with the purchase of 8 hectares of vines, which became the heart and soul of Alter Ego.

Because Alter Ego comes from different plots than Palmer and is produced with a different blend than the Grand V in, Chateau Palmer does not view this as a second wine. They produce and market the wine as its own, unique wine. If a reclassification ever took place, it would certainly deserve Fourth Growth Status. Prior to the creation of Alter Ego, Château Palmer produced La Reserve du General, which was considered as their second wine. Château Palmer also makes a small amount of white Bordeaux wine that is not available commercially.

  • Alter Ego De Palmer 2017