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Rutini Wines

In 1885. Felipe Rutini had a winery built which he called "La Rural", in Coquimbito, Maipu. That same year, with the arrival of the railroad to the province, the tansportation of the wine, which until that moment was performed using carts managed to be accelerated giving great strentgh to the industry.

In October 2008, Rutini Wines constructed the first walls of their new winery in the Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina. It was over 14 years after head winemaker Mariano Di Paola joined Rutini Wines, that his dream to build a modern winery finally carne true. In March 2009, the winery was already receiving its first grapes in the new facility. Rutini Wines were the first to plant wines in Uco Valley back in 1925. Argentina's Most Prestigious Wine Brand since 1885. It is also the 5th largest wine producer of the entire world and the 10th largest exporter of wines in the world, The winery has now been completely renovated; its technology updated but the original 19th century architecture has been preserved.

  • Rutini Colección Chardonnay

  • Rutini Colección Malbec

  • Rutini Colección Cabernet Malbec

  • Rutini Colección Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Rutini Encuentro Barrel Blend

  • Rutini Apartado Gran Chardonnay

  • Rutini Apartado Gran Malbec