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El Volquete

After 20 years working in the wine business in Spain, it was time to help great farmers and great producers to breathe life into lesser-known rural vineyards across Spain. At the same time, it was time for Spanish Palate to offer their in-depth knowledge and share their passion for Spanish wine with the world.

Founded in 2016 by British born Nicola Thornton, the team at Spanish Palate look after over 100 wines from 20 regions and export them to 40 countries around the globe. At Spanish palate, they do things. One is to produce their own wines from super vineyards that they find across Spain that they call Spanish palate Creations. is to give a voice to small fine wine producers all around Spain, they call these wines their Estate Wines. Spanish Palate Estate wines are a collection of wines from small, independently owned wineries that want to show their wines to the world. Each display unique, regional character and have a wonderful sense of place. The wines are wines with soul, wines with art, and wines that stir up everyone's emotions.

EL VOLQIJEE was the first cart to help farmers transport their carefully handpicked grapes from the vineyards to the wineries to be offloaded. The Volquete cart was significant invention in ensuring better wines made as the grapes were transported and offloaded much faster.

  • El Volquete Verdejo

  • El Volquete Tempranillo