Wine Selection

Viña San Pedro Tarapaca

Vina San Pedro Tarapaca are among the top 20 global wine producers, leaders in premium wine and sparkling wine sales in Chile. They nurture responsible design and Eco packaging culture and are passionate about nature and our planet. They are committed to being carbon neutral across three scopes by 2040 (IWCA).

VSPT strives to valorise 100% of their industrial waste by installing clean points, as well as establishing a commitment with each brand comprising the group, so that their waste is managed correctly. They have developed a 7-year Biodiversity Master Plan, as a way of conserving and restoring the native flora and fauna, as well as to harness its environmental services. Molina Biogas Plant - This project began in 2009 and opened its doors in 2016 inaugurating the world's first biogas plant to use harvest waste as its only fuel. Its aim is to supply the winery with electric and thermal energy using its own organic waste. The biogas plant harnesses 1MWh power and will provide the Vina San Pedro winery with 60% of its energy consumption.

  • Sideral

  • 1865 Pinot Noir

  • 1865 Cabernet Sauvignon

  • 9 Lives Sauvignon Blanc

  • 9 Lives Riesling

  • 9 Lives Merlot

  • 9 Lives Carmenere

  • 9 Lives Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Gato Negro Sauvignon Blanc

  • Gato Negro Chardonnay

  • Gato Negro Pinot Noir

  • Gato Negro Merlot

  • Gato Negro Cabernet Sauvignon