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Demarie located in Vezza d'Alba which is in the heart of Roero, runned by two brothers- Paolo and Aldo Demarie are the third-generation of this family-owned winery. Bartolomeo the founder of the Demarie winery, grandfather of Paolo and Aldo; in the potential of the terroir and chose to tell it through wine,

The wines are a symbol of a land historically devoted to wine production, with particular attention to the protection of biodiversity. The winery has been growing since with the involvement of Giovanni, the second generation of Demarie Winery who worked with his father Bartolomeo together towards a genuine, traditional production with special attention towards biodiversity. All the generations involved ate linked by a "fil rouge" that handed down from grandfather to nephew, from father to son.

  • Demarie Langhe Dolcetto DOC 2021

  • Demarie Langhe Rosso DOC 2021

  • Demarie Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2021

  • Demarie Barolo DOCG 2018